Youth Leadership Summit 2019 - Washington D.C


"The Young Leaders Summit (YLS) is a free four-day, overnight, college empowerment conference for a diverse cohort of low-income high school juniors, selected through a competitive application process. It is designed to give these young leaders the practical tools they need to successfully apply to top universities, have full access to scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and set a course for academic and career success." - taken from the YLS website

I was given the opportunity to attend the Youth Leaders Summit in Washington D.C. through the Gear Up program. An essay contest was hosted by Gear Up that would choose around 10 individuals out of over 700 submissions to get an all expense trip to D.C. in order to attend the conference. I was able to meet students from across the country and learn about the power of youth and our ability to create change in the world we live in.

The essay I submitted...

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