Project Description

I have chosen to focus on brand design and follows the work of graphic designers. I would like to create a project that, to me, serves to showcase an amalgamation of knowledge and experiences that I have acquired throughout my collegiate career. For this reason, I am proposing to create a branding package for a fictitious company. This will encompass the entire brand identity and subsequent marketing assets for said business. I intend to create a comprehensive branding package that of which will include the company logo/type design, color palette, packaging, mock-up examples, web design, style guide, and other marketing material such as business cards and social media assets. The development of the design brief to be used as the foundation for the branding package will also be considered as part of this project.


For the purposes of exercising design skills and elements, a physical product will be considered for the project. Variations of said product may also be considered, however this project will be limited to a maximum of three (e.g., if the product were to be a hard seltzer, up to three flavors will be designed and mocked-up). As mentioned before, I intended on creating marketing assets in the branding package, that of which will also include social media mock-up pages. However, I will limit this to a maximum of two platforms - Instagram and Facebook. This final submission will serve as comprehensive look into my thought process throughout the various stages of the design, how decisions were made in order to meet the brief requirements, and the overall design philosophy I explored and choose to identity with as a designer. To put it simply, the completed branding package, along with my design rationale, will make up the final project document that is to be considered for the graded submission.