San Antonio Education Partnership

I had the opportunity to work on several major projects with the San Antonio Education Partnership. The first project was the End of Year campaign. I was asked to create two videos regarding the 10th anniversary of Café College to help push the fundraiser campaign. I was also charged with creating digital posts for socials. I was also asked to improve engagement on socials by creating marketing assets that can be used in multiple occasions. I did so by creating 3D graphics and intros as “drag and drop” content for video formats.



- The San Antonio Education Partnership alongside Café College, a sub-department, set a goal to fundraise $10,000 with a donor match.


- To improve engagement on socials, SAEP set a goal to create marketing assets that can be used in multiple occasions.

Final Report

Within the academic year where I worked with the San Antonio Education Partnership, I was able to complete 2 major video campaigns. I was also about to create two graphics during the end of year campaign and 4 in other campaigns. I also was about to create two motion graphics, among these one with 3D software, during the closing campaign.