Collegiate Work and Projects

Film, Photography, Art and Design

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No Son Animales:

A documentary film

No Son Animales is a short documentary film about the struggles of living undocumented in the United States. The film was created and produced with quite literally no budget, borrowed equipment, and a rag-tag team of 4 students who want to change the narrative behind undocumented immigrants and paint a more accurate and honest portrayal of the those who look towards the United States to find a better future for themselves. The film focuses on two student's with DACA status that also seek to tell their stories and refute misconceptions the media and the current administration have created. More projects to come...

Media Production

Taste of StMU video

The Taste of StMU is a video project created to introduce visual communication design students to editing software and techniques. My video follows Mariana Flores-Sosa as she gives the rundown and basics of making a great apple pie. She also talks about why baking has become and escape for her, and how other first-time cooks can approach apple pie. The complete recipe is available for viewing on the taste of StMU website as well as directions and other similar related projects. Go to for more information!

Lambda Chi Alpha

Recruitment Event

Lambda Chi Alpha is a fraternity whose values I truly resonate with. Though I am not a member myself, I have always felt embraced by the organization. This was a short video I put together for the organization with the intention of creating a larger video that would encompass all the Greek Life had to offer at St. Mary's University. That longer running project will probably not come together until another year or so to be able to fully encompass all the different aspects of what it means to "Go Greek". I hope to give these members the recognition they deserve for all they do to give back to the community. This video is the start of that.

Greehey School of Business 

Awards Dinner - St. Mary's University

St. Mary's School of Law   

Prospective Student and Networking Event 

Lambda Chi Alpha 50th Anniversary Gala    

St. Mary's University 

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