Arts for the Health of It Podcast

"All around the world, people used the arts to boost joy, connection, and hope in response to COVID-19 and the world-wide lockdown. Why do humans turn to the arts in times of crisis? How do the arts impact our health and well-being? What role do the arts play in our recovery and the future of society?

Art For the Health Of It Host Richard Wilmore and Co-Host Constanza Roeder draw on their combined 15 years of experience in the field of Arts in Health to introduce you to artists, researchers, Creative Arts Therapists, policymakers, healthcare providers, and people just like you to help answer these and other questions."

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My role as a producer

I was tasked with producing and editing the podcast. The podcast was made in both video and audio only formats.

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Moving forward

My goal with this podcast was to be able to create a system that could be sustainable even after I had left. Through careful planning, we were able to record over twenty episodes to be considered as season 1. 

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