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I am a student, writer, photographer, and aspiring all-around creative. Art and design have strongly influenced my perception of the world, and I am a strong believer in the power of creative thinking. Finding a niche where I can apply my talents and skills is currently my mission. I currently study at St. Mary's University of San Antonio with hopes of seeking a degree in Communication and a double minor in Visual Communication Design and Art. My background and interests includes digital media, photography, and media-production. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an inherent curiosity of the world.

I enjoy surrounding myself in a culturally diverse environment, and I try to find creative outlets where I can find other open-minded individuals. I have experience in Theater, Music, Art, and Design. I am incredibly ambitious, not in the sense that I want to climb some corporate ladder, but rather seek to find happiness in living honestly and unapologetically. Some values that I would like to hold myself to would be integrity, sincerity, and empathy. I believe those values to be the most important components to reaching profound communication- communication that changes lives and creates hope for a better future. 

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Tel: 956-442-7341

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